This book is filled with inspiring examples of women who rose up, in spite of overwhelming odds, to take their chosen careers by storm. Throughout history, women have been shut out of the world of business. The women you meet in Breaking the Glass Ceiling overcame that inequity. As you will see, the women in this book have many talents but the one thing they share in common is having the guts, the grit, and the willingness to gamble their limited financial resources for a chance to bet against the odds and in favor of their own capabilities. The inspirational stories, lessons, and advice in this book can help you maximize your resources - your attitude, your time, your money, your skills, and your unique talents. Through their stories, you will be inspired to overcome your own odds and turn whatever cards you have been dealt into a winning hand. Purchasing and reading Breaking the Glass Ceiling is an investment in your own potential. Use this book to begin or enrich your library of inspirational stories about amazing women who refused to “fold” but decided to go “all in” and take the business world by storm.