An indispensable companion to the I Ching, one of the world’s most profound sources of universal wisdom.

I Ching Readings is the only book ever published that shares the real-life stories of people who have consulted the I Ching―their questions, the answers they received, and the events that followed. Wu Wei’s informative stories show how the I Ching can unerringly guide us to great success and how misinterpreted guidance can lead lives off track.

In this insightful work, you will learn how to understand and interpret answers you receive from the I Ching and, just as importantly, how to phrase your questions to obtain the best possible answers.

“We are constantly communicating with the Universe,” says Wu Wei, “some of us knowingly, others of us unknowingly, and the Universe is constantly communicating with us.... When we use the I Ching to ask a question, it’s as if we are writing a letter to the Universe…. The answers we get are always for our highest and best good.”

“It is a great comfort,” he says, “to know that no matter how monumental our problem, there is a solution to it that will put us in a better situation than we were before the problem arose.”

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