Tucker Stapleton emerged from a youth of trial and conflict as a fiercely determined young man endowed with special talents. These talents were clearly recognized by his early teens; they included extraordinary athletic prowess, high-level intelligence, and exceptional charm. After college, he realized a great deal of success in professional football, and with that success, he became famous. He was the recipient of professional football's honors and accolades.

When he was struck down by a career-ending injury, businesses sought his polished charm and name recognition. In his capacity as a Vice President in charge of Community Relations at a large and prestigious company, Tucker Stapleton would begin the second dynamic period of his life. He was not yet thirty years old, but he was wealthy, and to most who met him, he was handsome and completely irresistible.

His arrival at Shamrock Hill marked his deepening involvement with the closely bonded families who lived there. The devastating impact and tragic suffering that his hedonistic and exploitative actions brought to those families served to put his life on a collision course with a life-crisis that culminates in a violent confrontation.