Hanne Darboven (1941–2009) is one of the twentieth century's
most extraordinary international artists. This major publication
brings together key works from all phases of her prolific career,
spanning over fifty years. It highlights the outstanding and
wide-ranging output of this key conceptual artist in its entire
temporal and stylistic breadth, featuring works in which the
artist focuses on political events, German history and her
personal context and shows the extensive work series exploring
themes from cultural history, music, literature, and (natural)
science. Beside the serial calculations on paper the book also
presents parts of the artist´s studio in Hamburg: The desks,
for example, tell us of Darboven´s systematic approach to her
work. The so-called music room, a quasi-encyclopedic archive,
grants insight for the first time into the intellectual cosmos
of the artist and her practice of compilation, composition and

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