This pack on the Titanic brought to you by Resources for Teaching includes: Telegram: Signalling the beginning of the end of the Titanic. "We have struck iceberg sinking fast" was a message too late for the 1,517 lost souls. -- Daily Graphic: An abridged edition of the newspaper reporting on the full extent of the horror that began on April 14th. -- 2nd Class Dinner Menu: A veritable feast of tapioca and curried chicken, finished off with a coconut sandwich. Unique glimpse into life aboard the Titanic. -- Passenger Booklet: Substantial booklet with fascinating detail on 1st Class passengers, ship facilities (including an "electric bath") and fares. -- Paperwork: Assorted ephemera, including a passionate letter from the GW Union, criticising life boat priority according to 1st class passengers. Unforgivable. -- Advertising Flyers -- Superb examples of Titanic advertisements using photographs and cutaway diagrams. -- Sheet Music" The band famously played on with this tune, to lift morale as the evacuation was under way. A poignant memento. -- Miscellaneous Images: A collection of exterior Titanic photos and pictures. (Cigarette card sized) NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information about the Titanic

  • Feature:

    • ☛ Titanic replica documents - A must for all those interested in Titanic
    • ☛ All documents are faithfully reproductions of original Titanic material

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