This book contains everything I wish I knew when I started making acoustic guitars over fifteen years ago. It is not an ABC book, but a companion that teaches all the things that the other books leave out. In these pages are instructions for making tools, cutting blanks, inlaying exotic woods, and hand finishing guitars. The methods described revolve around doing more with less, and getting more out of the tools already in the shop. For the thrifty guitar maker who would rather build something than buy it, this book is the right choice.

This Volume Contains:

•Over 500 pages of text, with more than 1600 pictures and diagrams to thoroughly and completely explain more than 200 guitar making topics.
•How to use small shop tools to re-saw blanks for guitar making instead of buying them, saving money and expanding wood choice.
•Instructions for almost 50 tools, templates, and jigs that can be made right in the shop, saving thousands of dollars in tool costs. These include an electric side bending iron, fret slot duplicating jig, four different types of clamps, an inexpensive hide glue pot, and more.
•An explanation of the use and abilities of several common shop tools, including several specialty tools that are specific to guitar making.
•A detailed section on guitar making theory, which will expand the understanding of how a guitar works, and how small changes to the structure can have big effects on tone.
•Several step by step guitar making methods that make some of the more difficult processes easier and smoother in the shop.
•How to make inlaying easier by using a few common shop tools, and how to make several different styles of custom inlay.
•Step by step instructions for making a custom soundhole label using a powerful free program called Pixlr, to add the final touch to any guitar.
•A thorough finishing section that teaches anyone how to apply an amazing finish without having to buy expensive spray equipment.
•A guitar making and wood working glossary with thorough definitions and explanations of more than 600 terms.

*** A note on the Kindle version. The book was formatted for a 8.5" x 11.0" print format, then converted to Kindle. The text has many pictures and diagrams, which will result in some extra white space on pages, as well as a few areas where the spacing gets a little interesting. All the information is there, however it was not formatted specifically for Kindle. I recommend the print version anyway, because sawdust and spilled finish will not ruin it as quickly as it would a Kindle.

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