The thrilling adventures of W.R. Benton's 'The Plains Series' continues...
The rugged frontier of the 1800's took a special kind of man to survive, a Mountain Man.
In book three, Mountain of Death, Jarel makes his way to Butterfield's trading post while dodging a Blackfoot raiding party. There he meets a miner named Lucas who wants to hire his services to get a load of gold ore out of the sacred mountains—deep in Sioux territory! A dangerous task, but the reward is too big for Jarel to pass up.

Complicating things is the miner's ornery daughter. She's not sure they should be trusting a 'filthy mountain man' to help them with their quest. Fellow mountain men Teacher and Zee join up with the group to battle some vicious claim-jumpers out to steal the gold for themselves.
Rugged adventure and frontier violence abounds in this new mountain man tale from WR Benton.

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  • Release Date: 2015-07-24