This Maxfetched ultrasonic snake repellent outdoor is very effectively on all kinds of snakes. It vibrates and emits sonic pulses penetrating the soil to irritate varies kind of snakes such as rattle snake, copper head snake, who are virtually blind and extremely sensitive to sounds and vibrations. The high-pitched sound will create an unbearable environment for those underground burrowing pests to stay and force them to leave the property and seek out other places to live.

The mini LED garden lamp is lighting sensitive. While switching it on, it will automatically light up when it gets dark at night and keeps lighting for 4hours.
When the battery is fully charged, this repeller can continuously use for 72 hours.

Warm Tips:
1. Please do not use it when your garden is cement or bricks ground, this will affect the transmission of the sonic wave.
2.The Repellers can reduce the number of snakes around your home, however, please keep in mind that it cannot be 100% effective as unforeseen circumstance may occur. Other External factors such as heavy equipment operating close by, or bush-fires may temporarily influence the effectiveness of the units.
3. This snake repellent device is using 1x AA 800mAH MI-CH rechargeable battery(included and not replaceable), the quality is upgraded and better than other brand, it can last for one year using.
4.Sometimes the repellent does not work is because the battery runs out of energy during some continuously rainy or cloudy days, you can try to switch it off and keep it recharged in sunlight for 2-3 days, and then re-turn it on, then you will find it back to work;

We provide one year quality guarantee, if you have any quality issue about this item, please feel free to contact us by our store email.

Package Contents: 4 sets of repeller and one instruction manual.

  • Feature:

    • ☛ THEORY: This Upgraded Solar Snake repellant Ultrasonic Outdoor vibrates and emits 400-1000 HZ variable low-frequency sonic pulses every 40-50 seconds to repel burrowing rodents living underground. It is safe for use around pets and children. No chemicals, no poison, no sprays or traps, no dead animal; Application: Farm, Garden, Park, Lawn, Yard, etc. Repel: Mole,Snake, Rodent, Rat, Gopher.
    • ☛ LONG RANGE:A solar powered sonic snake repellent transmits its signal in all directions approx 49 ft and covers an area of approx 6729sq ft (625sq meters), so they can be placed approx 98ft (30m) apart of each in high risk areas, it is always recommended to use two or more units to get the best results. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for mole, snake, gopher, vole and other burrowing rodents to leave the area.
    • ☛ EFFICIENT SOLAR POWER:This Solar Powered Snake Repeller Solar is charged by high quality solar panel to accumulate power for operation. The solar module charges the battery during the day and runs the unit, while night-time operation is enabled by the battery. Choose the best sun situation enabling the solar panel to receive the light directly. The lighting sensitive mini LED garden lamp would keep lighting at dark for 4 hours after fully charged.
    • ☛ DURABLE AND WEATHER PROOF: This Snake Away Repellent Outdoor is using high grade ABS plastic material with the weatherproof and UV-protected construction, which can protect the speller against water splashed from all directions, and withstand rain, snow, or the harsh sun, serve you for sufficiently long.
    • ☛ EASY TO USE: The Ultrasonic snake repeller outdoor is convenience in using. Connect the cable connector from the spike to another connector under the top part, and attach the spike to the top together, then insert spike into the ground and keep the top part at least 4"high from the ground, then turn ON/OFF switch and enjoy the pest free environment you deserve.

  • Color: green
  • Product Group: Lawn & Patio
  • Product Type Name: OUTDOOR_LIVING
  • Manufacturer: Ebs Product