Welcome to MY KINGDOM, the 2nd book in this series!
In this new era, we talk a lot about the Kingdom arriving or having already arrived and how we can live from it. For me, that existence began with MY SEAT, which is the 1st book in this series.
Then Jesus introduced me to my realm of influence which He called My Kingdom.
That doesn’t mean I have built myself a kingdom because I want to be like God. It is simply the people and situations closely associated with me on Earth. I didn’t know it before, but they comprise The Kingdom of God that lives within me. And it’s because I hold them in my heart and they have the most personal significance for me.
I didn’t know this was the section of The Kingdom of God that was my responsibility until Jesus showed it to me. He also said that this area is the reason I must sit in My Seat and learn what it means to rule and reign.
However, ruling and reigning doesn’t mean I control people or their lives. The Kingdom system is quite different than an Earthly kingdom because Love is the only law. I must love and care for My Kingdom through prophesy, blessing, and declaring the perfection of Father God in everything in My Kingdom.
Learning to rule and reign required me to sit in My Seat first. And then to look outward and exercise my servanthood from the Heavenly realm.
So far, it’s been an exciting journey of discovery and I want to share it with you, to encourage you to discover your kingdom.
It may look much different than mine, but the Spirit of God who gives insight and knowledge is the same one who guides us to come farther.

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